Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello from Marie

I am excited to start this new project.  When I saw Deana's post I knew I had to make this quilt, and it is so much more fun to do it together so I am putting a few unfinished projects on hold for a while so that I can make this quilt.

I have been sewing since I was a teenager.  I made my own prom dress and a black wool coat that got a blue ribbon at the State Fair.  I have four daughters and I made most of their clothes when they were little and had fun making a few prom dresses and then bridesmaid dresses for them.  I always saved some fabric from the clothing I made for them so that I could make them a quilt with those pieces when they grew up.  I loved making those quilts.  When our grandchildren were born  I made a baby quilt for each of them.  At first I didn't make pieced quilts, then I got the bug to piece quilts and the last 6 grandchildren got pieced quilts.  I loved making pieced quilts and am now working on making a nice queen sized quilt for each of our 16 grandchildren to receive as a gift when they get married.

I am looking forward to this new quilt challenge and am excited to see all of your creations and progress.  I am always in awe of Deana's talents and thank her for this beautiful design and for teaching me so much of what I know about quilting.  She has been my inspiration to learn new techniques and broaden my quilting horizons.  Thank you Deana!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hello and Welcome!

Hello Jessi's Medallion quilt makers!  I want to welcome you to our little corner of the world where we will share our progress on this project.  Please introduce yourself to the group.

If you need help blogging, please email Deana and she will help you to get started. Although blogging is not required to join us, it is highly recommended because it is fun to see each other's progress.  If you would prefer to email photos to Deana and have her post them to the blog, that is fine.

To tell a little about me, I love quilting and have been doing it for around 17 years.  My wonderful mother-in-law taught me how to design my own blocks right from the start and it has been a passion ever since.  This quilt was created for my daughter.  I have made her a few quilts for her hope chest but wanted to make one special one.  She looked through magazines and patterns and quilt photos online but really wanted a custom design.  I followed her lead and ideas and ended up with "Jessi's Medallion".  Now I am honestly wondering what I got myself into. 

Thanks for joining me!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A sew-along

 A sew-along   It will be fun!

I am so excited to reveal this quilt I designed for my daughter with her color choices in mind.  I plan to get started on it in April.  If anyone would like to make it with me online and help me test the pattern, please leave a comment or email me at

I think I have decided to call it "Jessi's Medallion".

I will offer the pattern for $12 to anyone who wants to sew along with me.  The price will double after the sew-a-long as we will be getting the kinks out of it for now.  I plan to release the pattern as we go, not all at once.  It will be offered via email in pdf format.  The pattern has some paper piecing, strip piecing, and some regular rotary cutting/piecing.  The quilt is 90" x 90" square to fit a queen sized bed.  The large white circle fits right on top of the bed with the borders hanging down. 

The project will begin in April and end in November of this year.

If you want to join, email Deana at or leave a comment on this post.

 I am also submitting this design to the Red and White Quilt Challenge.  I think it will be absolutely stunning in reds and whites!!  I can even picture it in blues and whites (my color choice).  I wish my daughter wanted it in red and white so I would not have to make two quilts.

I flipped a few blocks on this one, so it has a little bit different look in the center.