Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello from Marie

I am excited to start this new project.  When I saw Deana's post I knew I had to make this quilt, and it is so much more fun to do it together so I am putting a few unfinished projects on hold for a while so that I can make this quilt.

I have been sewing since I was a teenager.  I made my own prom dress and a black wool coat that got a blue ribbon at the State Fair.  I have four daughters and I made most of their clothes when they were little and had fun making a few prom dresses and then bridesmaid dresses for them.  I always saved some fabric from the clothing I made for them so that I could make them a quilt with those pieces when they grew up.  I loved making those quilts.  When our grandchildren were born  I made a baby quilt for each of them.  At first I didn't make pieced quilts, then I got the bug to piece quilts and the last 6 grandchildren got pieced quilts.  I loved making pieced quilts and am now working on making a nice queen sized quilt for each of our 16 grandchildren to receive as a gift when they get married.

I am looking forward to this new quilt challenge and am excited to see all of your creations and progress.  I am always in awe of Deana's talents and thank her for this beautiful design and for teaching me so much of what I know about quilting.  She has been my inspiration to learn new techniques and broaden my quilting horizons.  Thank you Deana!

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  1. Thanks for joining in on this crazy venture and thanks for always building me up. We are friends who need each other. Love ya!