Thursday, March 12, 2015

Judi's Shimmer Braid

Got my shimmer fabrics last week Monday and couldn't wait to get started.
So this is my first months blocks.

Then the second months blocks.
Add them together and you get.
I did have other shimmer fabrics that I added to these blocks. And I kind of painted a couple of fabrics with gold paint myself for the colors I wanted. I'll be touching these up some. So the braids are done and it all lays out like this.
I am soooo loving this design. I think of it as a shimmering sunset. I can hardly wait for next month, its marked on my calendar!!!
Thanks Deana!!


  1. Judi, it is so DARN GORGEOUS! I am so happy that someone used the "Sunglow" fabrics because I really wanted to do one in those fabrics. Now that I see yours, don't be surprised if I don't make another one in "Sunglow", purple, and blue. It is just so vibrant!
    I also want to commend you and getting this month's blocks done so fast. They do sew up pretty fast except for the four y-seams. I was a little worried about them but yours look wonderful!

    Thanks for joining us and posting your progress!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I'm enjoying seeing what everyone else is doing too.