Monday, August 24, 2015

France Nadeau - Central Braids

Those are my four central braids. They combine fabrics from my first two blocks: the Log Cabins and the Curved Log Cabins. I have used old clothes and leftovers from past projects (mainly clothes I have sewn).

I am currently working on the stars. I find that piecing them require some work, but the result is worth it. I should be able to show them soon. Thanks to Deana, I am making blocks that I have never sewn before.
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  1. these look like fun to make. I have it on my list to do France. I did something along the same lines over the summer though and it was fun. LeeAnna

  2. What a fantastic way to recyle old fabrics into a project, and this will certainlly end up giving you a wonderful story to pass along too! These quilts look amazingly complicated, and quite time consuming! I'm sure it will be fun to snuggle up in them and remember all your favorite (or not so favorite) outfits all at once.

    Greetings from Germany!

  3. You are so good reusing fabric so creatively! I shy away from anything that is not cotton. Good for you.

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  5. Happy New Year 2 016 !!

    Je prie pour vous et les vôtres à la paix. Et, la paix de la terre.

    Du Japon, ruma ❃

  6. Che colori in questo lavoro, chissà come sarà bello il lavoro finito!
    Grazie per essere passata sul mio blog ^_^
    Un caro saluto. Maris