Monday, April 28, 2014

Lyn's Fabric

Below is a photo of Lyn's fabric.  She has not added her gradients to this photo but has them.  She hand quilts and cannot see her stitches on dark fabric, so she is making this quilt in positive/negative reverse.  Her lights and darks will be reversed, so that will be fun to see.  With the purple fabric as the exception, she has chosen Batiks (my personal fabric of choice).

I wanted to take a minute and share the story of her fabric selection for this project.  Lyn is my mother and we traveled to Hawaii with my two sister and two nieces.  Mom really wanted to make a Hawaiian quilt and buy the fabric there.  We only had time to stop at one little shop in Honolulu, but it was in a scary area of town so we really did not want to stay long.  She could not find a Hawaiian pattern she liked, so she settled on a book of Ricky Tims for a pattern she liked.  We assisted her in selecting the fabric shown here meant for that quilt.  When she got back to the condo that night she was looking at the pattern which was extremely detailed heavy hand applique.  She asked, "Do you think I bought enough fabric to make Jessi's Medallion out of this fabric instead of the Ricky Tims quilt?"  We did some math and decided she could if she purchased another piece to go with it and switched the darks and lights.   So, this will be a fun quilt to see finished because these fabrics were not intentionally selected for Jessi's Medallion.

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