Thursday, January 22, 2015

Like I need another quilt to sew!

But oh I love it!  And so here I am again trying to cram 10 more hours in my day to get quilting projects finished.  Love you Deana.   I can't wait to see the fabrics I ordered.

Hi everyone,

I have been friends with Deana for over twenty years.  But I didn't start quilting till two years ago when I asked her to help me with a wedding quilt.  She told me I would be addicted and she is right. 

I  love life! I have many blessings including my health, husband, 6 sons and their beautiful wives who have given us 19 grandchildren. 

I hope to make them all a quilt before I lose my abilities to do any thing constructive. 

God bless you all,


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  1. She's so bad at drawing you in, right?!? But her designs are amazing so here I am!