Monday, February 23, 2015

France - My Log Cabins

Hello everyone!

My name is France Nadeau and I signed up for making this gorgeous quilt by Deana. The following is taken from the post I have published on my blog.

The four following images are pictures of the four versions for the log cabins that were to be sewn in month 1. It took me some time to make the sixteen featured here. I did not used fat quarters as suggested by Deana, but scraps and old clothes. I have wanted to mix those fabrics together for some time and I thought that the Shimmer Braid quilt was the perfect occasion. When I look at Deana's pattern, I see an English kitchen herb garden. Not what she had in mind. But the image is engraved in mine.
The pink fabric is silk that wrinkles as soon as I touch it. So, please, disregard the obvious wrinkles. I made four blocks of each version. Not following the cutting and sewing instructions of the pattern meant I could not make the blocks as fast as possible. In the end, I cut every single piece separately and then sew them together. 

I have also used polyester. The brown squares are made of a polyester embroidered with brown thread. The white and light beige fabrics are polyester looking like linen. The beige/brown/orange is a "wrinkled" polyester (I am not sure how to call it...).

Because I used all those fabrics with different textures, the result is a block not lying perfectly flat. Not good for taking pictures, let me tell you. Looking at my pictures, it seems that none of the lines are straight. (I assure you they look better in real. You will have to take my word on that. ;-) ) But they will make, I think, a striking top. And when quilted, everything will stay in place.
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  1. I love your blocks. Your quilt will indeed be very striking. It is fun to see the different look that is achieved by each of us using the same pattern with different colors and fabrics. I look forward to seeing your completed project.

    1. Thank you so much, Marie! Yes, it is indeed a lot of fun. It's my first quilt along and I'm loving it. :-)

  2. France, it is WONDERFUL to see your blocks. They look PERFECT to me especially knowing that you are working with difficult and stretchy fabrics. I have to tell you that I just can't work with anything but 100% cotton because it is so much harder. Hats off to you because your blocks look great! As for the colors, I LOVE THEM! It would seem that there is love in every cut and every stitch. I am so glad you are with us!