Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shimmer Braid log cabin blocks

Here are my 1st month's blocks.  Each pile has 4 completed log cabins in it.  I forgot to show my fabric selection but I used the same that Deana used simply because I had no time to shop and I do not live near good fabric stores.  I should not have put a frame around the blocks but I have a new phone that I am learning and no time to redo.  These blocks worked up fast. 


  1. I love your blocks, Phyllis. Although you used the same fabrics, I think you will find that our quilts will still be unique because we will probably select different fabric placements. I am really excited to see yours come together.

    This quilt is pretty painless. I am doing final assembly now on it and will have a top done to show soon.

  2. Your blocks look beautiful. It will be fun to see them in a quilt top. That' a pretty cool frame around the blocks too.